Blue Lake 24 hour Challenge

Big white and fancy trailer purchased! , Endurance Event KIT locked and loaded into the ute. Tee shirts on .We hit the road south to Rotorua

We are excited, our first and last-minute hire is here. This day, we have dreamt about since His and Hers Events LTD inception.

5 and half hours later we park at the beautiful Blue Lake and it is very still, almost like the calm before the storm.

Tents and gazebos or all kinds start to assemble. We choose a spot that we think would be good for our customer. We smile, take a quite second to be in the moment, then go about figuring out how we will get a good system in setting up . This being only one gazebo, the thought of doing a full trailer load … we will have to get a good routine.

Looking back on the tent waiting for its runner. We are stoked. Right, now to go socialize and cheer on the competitors’ .

6km loop around the lake starts off with a hiss and a roar in the early hours of Saturday morning. 300 or so participants all with their own goal and pace plan to tackle the long journey ahead.

Music playing, the race directors’ joke and tease each other throughout the day, The rain threatening did not stop the energy.

The weather man got it right, became the slogan for this event .

Rain rain and more rain fell. Then the mud arrived. All runners were committed, taking it slow on the downs, but by the dark hours the fun of slipping and sliding around wore off . Tiredness, frustration and speed started to lack . By 11pm , only a small amount of hardcore dedicated folk still remained battling through the weather and course conditions . The Race directors had a tough decision to make and decided to cancel the run . Receiving no back lash or criticism It was obvious a wise and safe decision was made.

Congratulations firstly to everyone that turned up despite the weather forecast, and congratulations to those that continued for endless hours through non stop rain and mud .

Blue Lake 24-hour Challenge is a cool concept and in a stunning location, it is an easy and very affordable running race for all fitness levels. It is always full of energy, fun and laughs.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next one in 2024 fingers crossed for better Weather!

Side Note and to our absolute relief, our gazebo remained in tacked, strong as an ox and dry inside

KIT tested, Customer happy . His and Her happy !

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